Stepping back in time…

The story of Three Little Blackbirds…

When I think about baking, I immediately think back (way back) to a time when food was real and wholesome and simple…yet, not all that simple to prepare.  It took time and patience and love to bake something.  Gathering the sweetest and ripest of fruits and veggies from a garden somewhere, creaming the butter by hand, stirring and whisking and rolling and shaping until a clean apron becomes a dirty one.

I can visualize a cozy little farm house on a crisp Fall afternoon.  A pie sitting in the kitchen window, just pulled from the oven, with steam rising out of the slits in the buttery crust.  A pie so good that the aroma calls all the little blackbirds from far and wide to come and steal just a nibble before they’re quickly shooed away.

While I have such strong visions of this, I never lived in a cozy farm house. And the one time I placed my momma’s pie in the kitchen window with my tiny hands, and waited…no little blackbirds ever came.  That feeling, however, has stayed with me my whole life.  I am drawn to country roads with fresh produce farm stands, red barns with big flowering trees, fresh jams with crooked hand-written labels, and eager little blackbirds…patiently waiting for a nibble of pie.

Being the youngest of three girls, I always seemed to cling to my mom’s side, especially in the kitchen. I remember watching her intently in her raggedy stained apron as she rolled pie dough, piecing the delicate and buttery pieces together into a messy disk, and then folding it over some ripe, under sweetened fruit. Her pies were some of the best things I ever put in my mouth. When I grew older we would make bread together, usually honey wheat bread, always with music playing in the background. I would be covered in flour and attempting to master the art of dancing and kneading at the same time. To this day the smell of flour, warm yeast and honey always reminds me of her. One bite of wheat bread or good rustic pie…and I am right back in that kitchen, dancing with my mom.

Now that I am a mother to three little ones myself, I find them watching me in the kitchen too. I always have music playing and I am still usually covered in flour or chocolate. When my kids are around, they are always eager to learn and help and equally eager to steal a taste and then giggle together as they’re shooed away. They are my three little blackbirds.

For me, TLB is about simplicity in all its beauty, wholesome food made with loving hands, and a chance to be transported back in time to a loving place with just one bite.  Where will that bite take you?

      Erin xoxo


* We believe in supporting our community and farmers and we purchase our ingredients locally and from an organic source whenever possible. Check out our Products page for more information.

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