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Custom Fondant Cakes

These cakes are priced PER SERVING. Minimum order for any custom fondant cake = $200

A cake to feed up to 25 people (25 servings or less) – cake starts at $200.

A cake to feed 26 people or more (26+ servings) – cake is priced $6.00 per serving and up to $9.00 per serving for very detailed cake designs.

For modeled characters (please, no copyrighted characters), sugar flowers or heavily detailed cakes, an additional design charge may be added. Contact us for a quote for more information on your cake design.

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes start at $10.00 per serving and go up depending on design.  Minimum order for any wedding cake = $1000

For more information on wedding cakes, please visit our policies page.

Custom cakes can be made with any flavor from our flavor menu.

Please Note:  If you want real flowers on your cake or cupcakes, please purchase them from your florist.  We can arrange pick up of the flowers, if needed.  We recommend 100% organic flowers to keep pesticide residue off of your cake!

Wedding Tasting Packs – We offer tastings for weddings only. You can order a tasting pack via our online order form and you can also schedule a personal consultation.  Tasting packs include (2) cupcakes of each flavor, up to (3) different flavors can be chosen.

Simply Cake

Our “simply cakes” are perfect for small gatherings, dinner parties, holidays, intimate birthday parties, or to give away as gifts. Our flavors are designed with the “foodie” in mind, those that want something more than the average ‘run of the mill’ cake. Take one of these gourmet cakes to your next gathering and be the hit of the party!

The cakes are offered in 6 inch or 8 inch round cakes and can be finished in Ganache (“Simply Ganache”) or Swiss Buttercream (“Simply Buttercream”).

“Simply Ganache” – Cakes are finished in rich chocolate truffle ganache. The cake cuts and presents beautifully. Bottom of the cake is wrapped in a ribbon color of your choice and topped with a simple accent to match the flavor and/or ribbon color.

6 inch round = $65.00
8 inch round = $75.00

“Simply Buttercream” – Cakes are finished in silky smooth swiss meringue buttercream. Bottom of the cake is wrapped in a ribbon color of your choice and topped with a simple accent to match the flavor and/or ribbon color.

6 inch round = $40.00
8 inch round = $50.00

Simply Cake can be made with any flavor from our flavor menu.


Basic Cupcakes =  $2.50 each or $30 per dozen.  These include our gourmet cupcakes topped with silky and creamy swiss meringue buttercream

Deluxe Cupcakes =  $3.50 each or $42 per dozen. These are the same gourmet cupcakes and buttercream but each one will be enhanced with a delicate and tender handmade cookie, piece of fruit, candied nut, etc. depending on the flavor of the cupcake

Fancy Cupcakes =  $4.00 each or $48 per dozen. These cupcakes are adorned with a decorated fondant disc and/or custom sugar art depending on the flavor/theme of the cupcake

Sculpted Cupcakes = $5.00 per cupcake

Minimum order = 12 cupcakes (1 dozen)

Any flavor from our flavor menu can be made into cupcakes!

Cake in a Jar

Our “cake in a jar” are like layers of organic country goodness.  We layer cake, filling, mousse, buttercream, ganache, fruit, nut, etc. (depending on the flavor chosen) into a little mason jar.  We even include a spoon for immediate indulgence.

Cake in a Jar = $9.00 each

Any of the flavors on our flavor menu can be made into a Cake in a Jar!

Cinnamon Rolls

Our jumbo-sized gourmet cinnamon rolls start with a delicious brioche like dough, filled with cinnamon and brown sugar and iced right out of the oven with vanilla cream cheese frosting.

Box of 6 jumbo cinnamon rolls = $21.00

Please specify with or without nuts (toasted pecans)

Minimum order = 1 box (6 cinnamon rolls)

Now offering Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls through January 1, 2013 – Sweet Pumpkin dough layered with browned butter and fresh grated pumpkin pie spices and iced with cinnamon vanilla cream cheese frosting


(Including wedding pies)

*All of our pies are filled with organic fillings made from scratch

We offer 9 inch pies, mini 5 inch pies, and “Lollipies” (pies on a stick).

Large 9 inch pie = $38.00 each

Small 5 inch pie = $9.00 each

Lollipies = $6.00 each (minimum order = 1 dozen)

Choose from: Berry (whatever berries are currently in season), Apple, Apple Walnut, Pecan, Chocolate Pecan topped with Brown Sugar Meringue, Lemon Meringue, Key Lime, or Cherry.

Have a favorite flavor not listed? Just ask us..we can make it!

Sorry, but we do not ship cakes or bakery items at this time.