• Pineapple Under the Sea

    Pineapple Under the Sea

    Spongebob Squarepants house: A Pineapple under the sea. Cake Details: 10 layers of Butter Vanilla cake with chocolate butterc…

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  • Guinness Beer

    Guinness Beer

    A pint of “Guinness Beer”  made for a 40th birthday celebration. Sugar napkin and buttercream “foam” Cake Details: Chocolate…

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  • Dark Knight Tumbler

    Dark Knight Tumbler

    This birthday cake was made to resemble the tumbler batmobile vehicle from the Dark Knight movie. Cake Details: TLB German Ch…

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  • Cheeseburger with Fixins

    Cheeseburger with Fixins

    A cake made for a man who recently became a vegetarian.  Now he can eat a cheeseburger because its made of cake!  Almond fond…

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  • Rotating Princess

    Rotating Princess

    The princess was made to look like the birthday girl (who has little freckles on her nose and cheeks). She is closing her eye…

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